Gus Kuhn 1922
Page updated 24-May-2022

In 1922 Gus rode a Sun Vitesse in the TT 250cc Lightweight class but over-lightening of engine components gave rise to excessive vibration, which caused the fuel lines to fracture. Nevertheless Gus and W J Lord finished in 12th and 13th places after wrapping handkerchiefs around the fuel pipes to staunch the leaking. [Thanks to for this information]

The 1923 TT Sun team

This picture shows the 1922 Sun TT team from L to R: W J Lord, Gus Kuhn,
John Duffy *, M Bishop and Bernard Caldwell, the reserve rider.
[Thanks to Bill Snelling, for most of this info, and Caldwell's grandson]

* John Duffy of VTS Manufacturing, Birmingham, held several patents relating to the rotary valve engine. [Thanks to his son for this info]

To read more of Gus Kuhn's activities in 1922 see The Gus Kuhn Story by Cyril May: