Gus Kuhn 1925
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On March 14th "More than 60 competitors, including some of the best-known motor-cycle riders in the country, competed for the Rough Riding Championship in the Southern Scott Scramble. The Course, of about 30 miles, had to be covered twice and the entire journey was over moorland. Practically the whole time the competitors were in imminent danger of being thrown from their machines. Among the best of the ascents were those of Mr Gus Kuhn (Velocette)." Gus won the Northern Cup for the best performance by Southern rider. [Times 16/3/25]

Gus Kuhn in trouble at Brandish
Gus is pictured here, through the undergrowth,
"in trouble at Brandish".
Gus's outing to the Isle of Man was not a success as neither his Velocette in the Junior TT or the Douglas in the Senior finished.

In August Gus was competing in the 500cc Belgian Grand Prix at Spa on the Douglas, as well as the French GP at Montlhery, results for both unknown.

Gus also won a Gold Medal in the Surbiton Motor Club Grand Cup event.

At the end of November Gus is at Camberley again competing in the Thompson Cup Trial. He won the premier award, as well as the Team Prize, on a snow-bound course.