Gus Kuhn 1927
Page updated 26-Jan-2011

On March 17th The Motor Cycle reported that Gus won a gold medal in the Victory Trial on his Velocette. He rode fast and well up Baxter's Monument which consists of grass, sand, deeply rutted mud and steps six or eight inches high. It is apt to be disconcerting to the most hardened rider, especially when combined with the gradient of one in seven. Gus was wonderfully fast up Sandy Lane; though the gradient is not steep, the summit is reached in a series of rocky steps covered in thick red mud. George Dance (493 Sunbeam) is the winner.

April 17th, Good Friday: The start of the London to Edinburgh reliability Trial. Gus won a Gold Medal on his 495cc Matchless sidecar.

The name of Gus Kuhn has a connection with Crystal Palace from the beginning to the end.

Gus competed at the first meeting in 1927, was a lap record holder and frequent winner at many of the path racing meetings in the late 20's.

Then in the 70's the Gus Kuhn race team regularly competed at the Palace, which was their local circuit, and took part in the final meeting in August 1972. Vincent Davey, Gus's son-in-law and MD of Gus Kuhn Motors, took part in the closing ceremony for the circuit, completing the circle.

May 21st, Saturday: The popular path race meetings commenced at Crystal Palace on a one mile circuit of loose gravel. They proved to be an immediate success, with more than 20,000 patrons attending the meetings and numbers increased steadily. Many competitors at these meetings subsequently competed in speedway, including Gus.

August 6th, Saturday: Second road race meeting at Crystal Palace. The Kempton Trophy race of 5 laps for 350cc machines was won by Gus on his 348 Velocette. The race degenerated into a mere procession with Gus in the lead. On lap 4 his cigarette went out, but he waited until the race was over before relighting it! He also took part in the Epsom Trophy Race, a sidecar event, won by Gordon Norchi. From the start of the race Gus's passenger was in danger of losing his braces - the last button went as they entered their fifth lap! For more details of this event, click here to read Part 10 of the Gus Kuhn Story by Cyril May.

September 17th, Saturday: The third and last Crystal Palace meeting of the season. Gus won the Newmarket Cup, the Autumn Cup and the Goodwood Cup. For more details of this event, click here to read Part 11 of the Gus Kuhn Story by Cyril May.

December 10th: London-Gloucester-London Trial: Gus entered on his Calthorpe 498cc combination but he stalled on Bushcombe Hill with a burnt out clutch so he did not finish. For more details of this event, click here to read Part 12 of the Gus Kuhn Story by Cyril May.

December 27th: London to Exeter Trial cancelled at the last minute due to heavy snow. Re-scheduled for January.