Gus Kuhn Wins Wimbledon Handicap
Page updated 25-Dec-2010

Extract from an article in 'Speedway News' October 1928.

What a wonderful race Gus Kuhn and Reg Pointer supplied in the final of the Wimbledon Handicap. Gus eventually won but only by the narrowest of margins. Reg Pointer was obviously doing his very best to win this event and had determination written all over him. Unfortunately for Reg, Gus was equally determined and in winning the event he was responsible for the finest performance he has ever recorded. The time in which the race was won speaks for itself, 87.6 secs from a standing start is always considered good going on the Wimbledon track even when it is in perfect condition. After a hard night's racing the track was far from being perfect and the time Gus recorded must be considered as being remarkably good.

The event developed into a duel between Reg Pointer and Gus Kuhn and during the race fortunes changed on several occasions. For the first two laps Reg held the lead but Gus was gaining gradually, and while taking the first corner in third lap he seized the opportunity to dash through on the inside and secured the lead. Reg, however, kept right on his back wheel, and on the same corner in the next lap it was his turn to secure the inside running, and he again secured a slight advantage. On the next corner Gus again attempted to pass on the inside but Reg wisely held close to the white line and Gus found it impossible to get through. On the last corner Gus succeeded in securing the lead by out-manoeuvring his opponent. Going up the back straight Gus was approximately a machine's length in the rear and realising that Reg would deliberately slow down so as to hold the inside running he drove round the outside and catching his opponent napping he secured a slight lead. As soon as Reg realised that Gus was alongside of him he opened up and endeavoured to stall off his challenge. Gus, however, held the advantage and in the dash down the straight he held off his opponent and won by half a length.

One of the most interesting events of the evening and one in which Gus Kuhn showed up to great advantage, was the second semi-final of the Wimbledon handicap. At the beginning of the race Gus got a very bad start, and on this account have several lengths start to Bill Albert and Reg Pointer. However Gus is nothing if not determined, and he soon began to gain on the leaders. At the end of the second lap Bill Albert, Reg Pointer and Gus Kuhn were all bunched together but on the first corner of the third lap Bill Albert fell off and left Reg and Gus to fight for first place. Entering the last lap Reg was still as short distance in the lead, but he swung out rather wide while taking the first corner and Gus immediately slid his machine across to the white line and dashed into the lead. In the meantime Cobbold had drawn almost level with Pointer and the three riders finished very close together, Gus defeating Reg for first place by a couple of lengths with Cobbold a similar distance behind, third.