October 9th, 1930 at Wembley

Messrs. Gus Kuhn & Co Lose Their Case v. Messrs Colin Watson Ltd.

The Auto Motor Journal, Oct 17th, 1930

Never was such joy as lit up the faces of the Lions and Johnnie Hoskins on this the 58th meeting at Wembley, when in the first round of the 'Evening News' Cup final Wembley beat the 'Bridge' hollow by 59 points to 37.

Proceedings opened with a win by Gus Kuhn, Colin Watson and Norman Evans second and third, then Arthur Warwick beat George Greenwood after nearly coming unstuck on first bend - 6 all. Heats 3 and 4 were won by Harry Whitfield and Jack Ormston respectively. Les Blakebrough doing well to run Jack Ormston to four lengths.

Heat 5 was a superb race, won by Arthur Warwick who manhandled his machine in the most wonderful display of riding seen at Wembley, in beating Colin Watson by ½ length. Wal Phillips (Stamford Bridge) and Harry Whitfield (Wembley) won heats 6 and 7. Jack Ormston got filled up in Heat 8 and finished last, Gus Kuhn winning how he liked and Colin Watson won the last heat before the interval, making the half-time score: Wembley 32, Stamford Bridge 22.

Buster opened the second half with a win, and Gus Kuhn did what he liked with the opposition in annexing heat 11, and so the battle was waged. Arthur Warwick, riding better than ever before, won another two heats, Gus won his last heat and Colin Watson and Jack Ormston were better than anyone else in heats 13 and 16. The team work of the Lions was better than that of the Bridge as is apparent when it is noticed that although the Bridge scored 9 wins to Wembley's 7, the latter won with a margin of 22 points.

Colin Watson was the only 'Lion' in the final of the Scratch race and he skated on his ear at first bend. Wal Phillips romped home to win with lots to spare in 81.4 secs.