Gus Kuhn 1931
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Only Gus' results are listed

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January 28th (Weds): Stamford Bridge Supporters Club fancy dress Ball at Fulham Town Hall. Master Norman Munday won first prize dressed as Gus Kuhn Junior! [The Auto 30/1/31]

April 9th: Away vs Nottingham (South League) One 2nd, Two 3rds. 4 Points.

April 14th: Away vs. Leicester Stadium. (Nat Trophy) Two wins, one 2nd. 11 points.

April 16th: Home vs Leicester Stadium. (Nat Trophy) Three wins, one 2nd. 11 points.

April 18th: Home vs Lea Bridge, One 4th and a fall. 1 point.

April 22nd: Away vs Lea Bridge (South League) one 2nd, 1 point.

April 28th: Away vs West Ham (South League) two 2nds, 2 points.

May 2nd: Home vs West Ham, Two 2nds? One 3rd?

May 7th: Away vs Wembley (South League), three 3rds, 3 points (Attendance 62,300 record for British Speedway).

May 9th: Away vs Crystal Palace (South League) one 3rd, one 4th, 3 points.

May 9th: Home vs Nottingham - two wins, 6 points.

May 19th: Away vs Harringay (South League) two 2nds, 6 points. Stamford Bridge Supporters Club Notes: "Did you see Wal beat Vic Huxley fair and square at Harringay? It was some race, and brought the house down!"

May 25th: Away vs High Beech (South League) one win, one 3rd, 4 points. Stamford Bridge Supporters Club Notes: We had the misfortune to lose at High Beech by one point. This was due to very bad luck on the part of Gus and Arthur Ernest; but never mind, we have three more matches against them, and will avenge our defeat later.

May 25th: Away vs Wimbledon (South League) two wins, one 3rd, 7 points.
Heat 1 Kuhn and Kempster battled hard throughout. Kuhn won but Kempster was judged to be guilty of unfair riding.

May 27th: Home vs Crystal Palace - one win, two 2nds, 7 points.

May 30th: Home vs Wembley - one win, one 3rd, one 4th, 4 points. Programme Note: "The management and our captain, Frank Arthur, have been engaged in a heated argument for the past few days. Frank insisted on leading his team against Wembley this evening, whilst the powers-that-be, acting on the Doctor's advice, were equally insistent that he should not. Frank has not been at all fit recently, and the Doctor says most emphatically that it would be absurd for him to think of riding at present, But, if Frank takes a week or two off, he will be perfectly fit for the remainder of the season. Therefore, decidedly against Frank's inclination, his name is missing from the team tonight. He has gone down to Margate for a holiday where the bracing sea air should do him a power of good and send him back to us as fit as the proverbial fiddle." The blue and white team were consequently captained by Gus Kuhn.

June 3rd: Home vs Southampton - one win, one 2nd, 7 points.

Supporters Club Notes: "Gus and Dicky Smythe are making an ideal pair and much of our late success has been due to their unselfish riding and excellent team work."

June 4th: Away vs Coventry (South League) one win and a fall. 6 points.

June 6th: Home vs High Beech - two 2nds, one 3rd. 5 points.

June 17th: Away vs Southampton (South League) one 2nd. 1 point.

June 20th: Home vs Wimbledon - one win, one 3rd. 6 Points.

July 4th: Home vs Coventry - One win, one 2nd, one 3rd. 6 points.

July 7th: Away vs West Ham (London Cup) one win, one 2nd, one 3rd. 6½ points.

July 11th: Home vs West Ham (London Cup) one win.

July 16th: Away vs Leicester Super (National Trophy) two wins. 9 points. Heat 16 Kuhn was excluded for forcing Wilkinson into the fence. Wilkinson did not fall however.

July 18th: Home vs Wimbledon - one 3rd. 2 points.

August 1st: Home vs Manchester - one win, one 2nd. 7 points.

August 3rd: Home vs Crystal Palace - one win, one 3rd, one 4th. 4 points.

August 8th: Away vs Crystal Palace (Southern League) one win, one 3rd Mechanical trouble. 4 points

August 8th: Home at Stamford Bridge

August 12th: Away vs Lea Bridge (Southern League) one win, one 2nd, one 3rd. 6 points.

August 15th (Sat) at Stamford Bridge '£300 Open Championship Meeting' (First prize £100 and Trophy) featuring: Frank Arthur, Gus Kuhn, Vic Huxley, Colin Watson, Dicky Case, Bluey Wilkinson, Jack Ormston, Arthur Warwick, etc.

August 17th: Away vs Wimbledon (Southern League) one 2nd, one 3rd. 5 points.

August 19th: Home vs Leicester Super (National Trophy) Three wins. 12 points.

August 22nd: Home vs Manchester - Three wins. 9 points.

August 29th: Home vs Wembley (London Cup Semi Final 1st Leg) Two wins, two 2nds. 10 points. In the original heat 11 Kuhn and Kilminster both came down when fighting out a close race.

September 3rd: Away vs Wembley (London Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg) Two wins, one 2nd, Fall. 8 points.

September 5th: Home vs Lea Bridge - Three wins. 9 points.

September 8th: Away vs West Ham (Southern League) One win, one shared win, one 2nd. 7½ points.

September 10th: Away vs Preston (National Trophy Semi Final 1st Leg) Three wins. 12 points.

September 16th: Away vs Manchester. (Southern League) One win, one 2nd, one 3rd. 6 points.

September 19th: Away vs High Beech (Southern League) Three 2nds. 6 points.

September 19th: Home vs Coventry - One win, one 2nd, Mechanical trouble (did not retire). 5 points.

5th Test Match at Stamford Bridge, England vs Australia

September 23rd: England vs Australia at Stamford Bridge (Fifth Test) Two 2nds, Engine trouble. 4 points.

September 24th: Away vs Coventry (Southern League) Two 2nds, one 4th. 4 points.

September 26th: Home vs Preston (National Trophy Semi Final 2nd Leg) One win, one 2nd (Incomplete record)

September 30th: Away vs Southampton (Southern League) GK was absent from the Stamford Bridge side due to illness.

October 1st: Away vs Wembley (Southern League) Stamford Bridge were without Kuhn.

October 3rd: Home vs High Beech. Recently Kuhn had been injured.

October 3rd: Home vs West Ham. See above.

October 8th: Away vs Wembley (National Trophy) Gus did not ride due to injury.

October 10th: Home vs Wembley (National Trophy) one 3rd. GK was back but only took his first ride and then had to give up as his injuries were still troubling him.

October 17th: Home vs Southampton - two wins, one 2nd. 8 Points.

October 17th: Home vs Wembley - two 2nds. 4 points.