Page updated 25-Dec-2010

Gus Kuhn at Southampton
by Paul Eustace

Southampton returned to speedway's First Division in 1939 after three years in the Provincial League or Second Division. The team consisted mainly of riders who had been with the Saints in Division Two apart from new signings, Americans Cordy Milne and Benny Kaufman.

Gus Kuhn in 1939

The side struggled at the higher level of racing and the management were constantly seeking experienced top class riders in an effort to strengthen the team. Towards the end of April they signed Gus Kuhn, a man of immense talent and experience, although he himself had ridden in the Second Division in 1938 with Lea Bridge. His best days were clearly behind him but it was hoped his experience and knowledge would help some of the other riders.

Kuhn made his Saints' debut on 19 April and rode in five consecutive matches against former club Wimbledon, West Ham, Harringay, New Cross and Belle Vue, scoring 1, 0, 0, 1 and 2 points.

Although it was good for the Banister Court fans to have a famous name in the team, his points return did not justify him holding a regular team place. He did not ride for the Saints again and halfway through May disappeared from the cinder tracks which he had graced for so many years.

Many thanks to Paul Eustace for writing this piece.