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Dec 2020: Simon Wootton-Davies got in touch to tell us about his Commando S type which was originally sold by Gus Kuhn Motors in Feb 1970. More >>>
Neil Thorpe
March 2019: Neil Thorpe from South Western Australia got in touch about his renovated Gus Kuhn Norton.It looks glorious. More >>>

Dec 2018: Willem Hemelop from the Netherlands got in touch with his memories of Gus Kuhn Motors. More>>>
Ian Ratcliffe
Sept 2016: Ian Ratcliffe got in touch in with his memories of Mick Andrew. More >>>
Peter Clifford
June 2015: Peter Clifford got in touch with memories of his father, Bemsee commentator Les Clifford, and of Gus Kuhn riders on the green bikes. More >>>

May 2015: Hi, I'm not quite sure how I got to your site, but enjoyed its content. I worked at Norton Villiers in the early 70's and ran my own 750 Commando in endurance races, with a variety of riders. Read more from Richard Negus >>>

March 2015: Here you can see the bike that I'm using every day in Barcelona. I'm sorry, that my bike it's not a true Gus Kuhn but it's just a little tribute. Read more from Eduardo Castellet >>>

Dec 2014: Kevin Anderson shares his fond memories of Charlie Sanby >>>

Nov 2014: Ricky Allen remembered: I went to school in Stockwell, South London in the 70's. Gus Kuhn's shop was just up the road from my school. I used to spend every lunchtime as a spotty teenager standing outside his shop gazing dreamily through the window at gleaming Beemers, Norton's and MV's. Those were the days! I've recently bought myself a 1978 R80. I'm intending to do it up as a cafe racer. I blame Mr Gus Kuhn. I'll pretend it came from 'that shop' in Stockwell that I used to loiter outside of and was even possibly one of the recipients of my admiration. Sadly I bought it in Newcastle and it would have to be a bike of 1971 to 1976 vintage for that to be the case.

Oct 2014: Although only born in 1969, I am very interested in the 60s and early 70s era of road racing. Love how this website keeps this era alive. I was born 20 years too late!! Tom Dickie's 1970 Seeley has got to be the best looking bike ever. Would love to know how the close relations of Mick Andrew, Pat Mahoney etc are getting on and hope they are pleased their names are not forgotten. regards to you. Spencer Davie, Billericay, Essex

May 2011: My name is Stan Wyllie I was a friend of Pat Mahoney here in the USA. I helped him in the pits at Daytona International Speedway. I attach some pictures we took together at Daytona. More >>>
Wilson Fallows
April 2011: Hi, Found your site when browsing the net taking a trip down 'memory lane'. After passing my test I bought a BSA Gold Star from Pride and Clarke. I had an accident and the front end was badly damaged. It was repaired at Gus Kuhn's. I remember the total bill was about £50, including the labour charge of £10 !!! Read more from Wilson Fallows >>>
See pix of Christine on the proddie racer
Feb 2011: Joe Siefert of Norton Motors GmbH now owns a Commando Production Racer that was originally sold by Gus Kuhn Motors in Sept 1970 to Motorrad Narr of Munich for £757, including accessories!! More >>>
Click Here for the Haynes Museum website
Feb 2011: Your webmaster has been given the opportunity to pursue research in the library at the Haynes International Motor Museum at Sparkford in Somerset. They want to encourage more researchers to use this facility. If you are interested, you can get in contact here (or contact us). And pay a visit to the museum the next time you are in the area. It very easy to get to on the A303.

Jan 2011: Well, excellent website; appears to cover everything. As a medical student in London in the seventies I used to walk past GKM every day and I would drool at the bikes in the window. At the time all I could afford was a clapped out BSA twin! ciao George Cohen.
Click here for George's website about Norton singles.

Jan 2011: I love the new site, you have done a great job, Gus would be well pleased. Regards Mark Hawkins (Australia)

Jan 2011: Nipper has sent us a new picture of his Gus Kuhn Commando at the Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show. See pic

Jan 2011: Hi, I was an apprentice mechanic at S.G.Smith Motors at their Clapham Road branch. I was always in and out and I started a 45 year competition career using advice from some of your employees. Vincent Davey told me that the time spent in preparation of a comp. bike was never wasted. More >>>

Dec 2010: Gus Kuhn BMW Endurance Racer for sale. We don't know anything about the provenance of this machine. Click Here for info.

Aug 2010: I had a Dolphin fairing fitted by Gus Kuhn motorcycles back in 1963. It would mean a lot to me if there is somewhere one could be sourced or made? Read more >>
Click here to read about Canadian Dirk Gidney

Aug 2010: Who is this Royal Prince? In 1970 I purchased; a 1969 750 Norton Commando SS ~ with GK Stage II "Street Legal" tuning and upgrades. The seller was a member of one of the European Royal Families and lived in a substantial country estate in the Cambridge area.
Jarama, Spain 2010

Jun 2010: My name is Stephen Matthews and I live in New Zealand. During 1985/1986 as part of my OE I was lucky enough to secure a Job in the parts department of Gus Kuhn BMW reporting to Mike Edwards. Read more >>
Click here to read Steven's memories of Pat Mahoney

Feb 2010: Message from Steven Corrigan about Pat Mahoney: Hello, nothing to do with Pat's racing, but just a line to say I was a young apprentice electrician, bike-mad, and Pat was doing some earth moving using his digger on a site in Dartford, Lowfield St Old People's Home.

Jan 2010: Message from Peter Sheppard: When I lived off Clapham Common in the 1960s I used to go by motorbike to visit the shop at Clapham Road as part of regular Saturday afternoon trip that also took in other motorbike dealers. Read more >>

Jan 2010: Message from Dave Houghton Jnr: My Father used to work for Gus Kuhn's in the late 70's early 80's. He enjoyed working for you guys repairing the bikes he loved. Bikes were his "life eat sleep bikes". He preferred BMW bikes. Read more >>

Jan 2010: Message from Ken Redfern's brother, who also has memories of Gary Green: Following Ken's 2 year stint riding for Paul Dunstall he rode twice for Gus Kuhn motorcycles the first time being in Sweden (Anderstorp) in 1972 when, if my memory serves me correctly, he finished fifth in the F750 event. Read more >>
Simon Crowe, drummer with the Boomtown Rats

Jan 2010: Message from Simon Crowe: Hi, Just read my bio on your site - all very interesting and thanks for the mention! Just to fill you in if interested....... I still have my bike but haven't used it in a while. I keep it in a shed and threaten to either try and sell or get it back on the road again - can't quite decide. It's true, I did all my own maintenance as far as I could but used to hire those special tools from GK. Easy as I lived in Herne Hill at the time. Must say, having GK near was great as I was always needing the odd part or two. A guy called Steve Smith used to serve me - he did keep in touch until a few years ago but I haven't heard from him in a while. Also a guy called Mike who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Regards, Simon Crowe. Read more >>

Dec 2009: Message from Mike Ofield: Hi there Kuhnites! Here is a drawing I have done of the Gus Kuhn Norton like Dave Potter and Don Emde rode in the early 70's. Read more >>

Nov 2009: Message from Dave Thorp: Hi, I started racing in 1972. My first meeting was either the June or July meeting at Lydden. I have an abiding memory of being overtaken by Dave Potter. Read more >>
Click Here to read about Ken Atkins

Nov 2009: I am Ken Atkins who worked with Pete Stevens in the parts dept for a while before I went into the construction industry and a little road racing! Lord of Lydden is on this week-end will be thinking of Dave Potter. Read more >>
Click here for Dimitris site & meet Tosca

Nov 2009: Hi Pals, I really like your site. Maybe you will enjoy this post: And maybe Mark Hawkins can view a better picture. I also have the 1973 yellow catalogue, together with its price list. Best regards, Dimitris

Sept 2009: Message from Phase One Endurance Team: Through coincidence I found your website, and what a great site it is, especially for us endurance freaks. Thank you so much. I will be reading it in more detail later, but first we have to go to the Bol d'Or. Read more >>
Click here to find out more about the history of this GK Seeley

Sept 2009: Mark Brown tells us. "The someone that bought the Gus Kuhn Seeley Norton (now owned by Steve Elston) from Keith Janes was Sam Brown." Read more >>

Sept 2009: John Conroy has sent us a picture of his Gus Kuhn Replica Mk3 Seeley Commando. More >>

Sept 2009: My name is Robin Ross and I was a member of the sales personnel at Gus Kuhn Motors when the first BMW day took place. As part of the insurance requirements I was obliged to either ride as pillion to riders having a test ride, or take prospective buyers for a ride. As you might imagine it was occasionally a hair-raising experience !! More >>>
Jim on his Bantam

Sept 2009: Hi, I am Jim Whitehead and have been amazed to see the GK site! It was weird to see my old friends in the pictures. My mum was a friend of Mr Kuhn and lived near him at Pagham. Mum talked him into letting me join the Firm in 1958. More >>>
Click here for the full article in "Performance Streetbike" Magazine.
Brian Cooper

Aug 2009: Hi, I have just been going down memory lane on your web site, which was great. My name is Brian Cooper and I joined the workshop around 1965. I worked under Jimmy Crewe, who was the foreman at the time, and later under John Leggett. More >>>

July 2009: Martin Morren, who has a passion for anything Seeley, gave his Gus Kuhn Seeley Norton an outing at the Classic meeting at Spa. More >>>

July 2009: Hans Taylor tells us he was at the Norton weekend at Donington in June. "I took the 750 out on the track twice and also an 850 Interpol" More >>>

June 2009: Message with lovely pictue from Xavier Gayet: This week-end, the weather was fine in spite of the hard wind (100 km/h !!!). So I have shot pictures in the land. Is it not beautiful??? The field of lavender .... Summer is here! More >>>

June 2009: Here are some pictures Xavier Gayet shot during the "Coupes Moto Legende" show! He says it was a great meeting on the Dijon-Prenois track. This Gus Kuhn Seeley belongs to Robert Bilger. Very nice bike! More >>>
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April 2009: Gary Hillier updated us on his Gus Kuhn Suzuki: The Bike had a shake-down at Brands on 23 March, but it had a misfire, sods law, as it was fine until I got there but I still got some laps in to test the fairing and new front wheel. Read more >>>

April 2009: Mark Hawkins from Australia contacted us: I just love what you have done with the website. I bought my first Norton 750 commando when I was 18 way back in 1975 and I still have it. I have sent a photo of a Norton racing bike I bought in the late 1970s. I have not seen another one with the full fairing. Read more >>>

April 2009: We were very pleased to hear from Tony Gough, who tells us that his father worked at Gus Kuhn Motors in the 30s, which makes him the earliest member of staff we know about. Read more >>>

January 2009: We've been contacted by Jon Vincent - Hi, I was fascinated on finding your web site. I raced for Gus Kuhn briefly in 1970/71. I remember going down to Thruxton with Charlie Sanby. Read more >>>

November 2008: message from Ray Bush - I was at there at Clapham Road, Stockwell, in 1963 at the age of 15 as an apprentice. I was only there for 11 months. I remember John Legget, he was a tech at the time, and Vincent Davey.

October 2008: I was delighted to find the website for Gus Kuhn, although I must confess to not having heard the name before. I was born in Leyton in 1924 and have very fond memories of my father taking me to the Lea Bridge Speedway, or Dirt Track as we knew it. I loved the smell and the roar of the bikes, and standing at the side so I went home covered in cinder dust. I also remember with great clarity the side-car races and the bright colours worn by some of the riders; my favourite was one in red, white and blue. I'm now 84 and still look back to those memories with great fondness. Who were the riders, where did they come from? Cheers, Jim Holder-Vale.
Click Here for the latest adventures of Gary's GK Suzuki

April 2008: We heard from Frank Coma: Good Grief! I was flabbergasted when I came across the Gus Kuhn site, especially the staff photos. I joined Gus Kuhn Motors in the
summer of 1976. I can honestly say that I learned more in my time at Gus Kuhn's than I ever did at uni ! More >>>>

April 2008: Paul Blezard, a Freelance Motorcycle Journalist contacted us: My girlfriend, Elspeth Beard was astonished to see herself on your website. She remembers buying bits for her R60 from GK. More >>>

Easter 2008: Xavier Gayet emailed us to say that over Easter he went to the 2008 Britalia Rallye. More >>>
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Mar 2008: from Tim Hesford: Greetings from Hong Kong. I have an 850 Commando MK1 1973 Interstate. It was sold new by GK on 15 Feb 1974. See the attached shot of Ron Haslam, myself and the star. More >>>>

Mar 2008: from Barry Germain: BLIMEY !!!!!!! What a find.....a Gus Kuhn website.... I can hardly believe my eyes. I worked at Gus Kuhn for 2 years. I have such fond memories of those years. More >>>
Click Here to read Steve Thompson's story.

Feb 2008: from Steve Thompson in the USA: Hello Gus Kuhn's Contact Person, Jamie Waters alerted me today about the inclusion of my name on your 'Customers' page. I was pleased to see that the circle had been closed, as it were, with my old PR bought from GK in Feb '72. More >>>
Click here for more info.

Feb 2008: From Hans Taylor: I have two GK Nortons. The first one I bought back in 1980. The second one has recently come into my ownership and I attach two pictures.
More >>>

Jan 2008: Georges Largis of Vaujours, France has been a racing enthusiast since the sixties and has always been a good hand with a camera. Click here to read his memories of visiting Gus Kuhn Motors and see some great pictures taken in 1971/2, including the Norton works team at Daytona. More >>>
Click here for pictures of this lovely Commando

Dec 2007: Hey all, Thanks for the site and the memories. I especially remember Mick Andrew, going hard as always, on those magical green machines. I was saddened to learn of Charlie Sanby's death, however. And what's 'Crockett' Croxford doing with himself these days? Thanks and regards, Bob Guntrip, Sydney NSW.
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