Ballet Rambert
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

Evening News 28th April 1970: Vincent Davey took an order today for two crash helmets, leather jackets, goggles and an assortment of motorcycle accessories, none of which will ever see even the pillion seat of a bike.

His customers were members of the Ballet Rambert company equipping themselves with costumes for their production of the American ballet Opus '65, which starts this month.

"We get all sorts of customers, but we've never had a ballet company before, more's the pity." said Mr. Davey, who is managing director of a shop in Clapham Road, Stockwell.

The company's wardrobe mistress, Carolyn Few, who still dances with the ballet, chose the gear with the advice of Rex Bickmore, an American dancer who is here as assistant choreographer.