Page updated 24-Oct-2023
If you recognise any of these faces or if you worked for Gus Kuhn at any time, or know someone who did,
or if you have memories or pictures you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.
This picture was taken in February 1971.

Can anyone fill in any of the blanks below?
Some of these names link to more information or memories.
Featured in the picture above:
1. Ray Felstead, Accounts & Admin
2. Valerie Davey, Accounts & Admin
3. Brian Flak, an Aussie
4. George Jenner, Sales Manager
5. Vincent Davey, Managing Director
6. John Horne, Company Secretary
7. Bob Catt ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. George Brown, Parts Manager
11. Dave Sleat, Race Mechanic
12. Roger
13. Neil Collett, Mechanic
14. Simon Porter, BMW Parts/Mechanic
15. John Leggett, Workshop Foreman

16. Bob Mancini, Motorcycle Sales Assistant
17. Jerry Storr, Mechanic
18. Frank Coma, Parts Department
19. Mick Cornelius, Mechanic
20. Matthew Lethbridge
21. Ian MacDonald, Parts Department
22. Dave Goldsmith
23. ?

Now here's a challenge!
Does anyone know any of the staff
from the 30s or 40s?

Here are some other members of the
Gus Kuhn staff over the years:
Mick Andrew, Mechanic & Racer
Ken Atkins, Parts Department
Guy Banfield
Mick Barton, Mechanic 1963-68
John Bayliss, Motorcycle Sales Assistant in 1970s becoming Manager on George's retirement.
Mell Biggs, Mechanic in the 70s.
Marcus Bloomfield, apprentice mechanic.
Mike Brannan, Parts and M/c Sales
Ray Bush was a 15 year old apprentice in 1963
Rod Carter, parts department
Cliff, in the Clothing Centre
Brian Cooper, Workshop
Mark Coughlin, Parts Department
Jimmy Crewe, Workshop Foreman
Anthony Curzon, Parts Dept.
Vincent Davey Jnr. Mechanic & Admin.
Mike Edwards, BMW Parts Manager
Lester Ferdinand (Kiwi), Mechanic
Bernard Flower
Ian Furse
Reginald Gough, worked with Gus in the 1930s.
Dave Henderson worked as parts asst to Mick Edwards in the BMW Centre in the late '70s.
Dave Houghton, BMW Mechanic.
Keith Janes remembers one celebrity customer.
Martin Jones
Frank Kateley, Race Mechanic
Ken, Parts Assistant late 1950s
Marian Kuhn, Accounts & Admin.
Sally Ireland, Accounts & Admin.
Peter Latham, Post Dept & Gofer
Barry Lee, Clothing Sales
Stephen Matthews, BMW Parts Department
Dave Miles
Mustapha (Chris) Omar, BMW Parts Department
Gary Orrin, Parts Department
Dave Potter, Mechanic & Racer
Kevin Raymond
Rafferty, Head of Security and Complaints.
Lorna Rich, Office Assistant
Jim Riley, Parts and M/c Sales
John Robarts, BMW Centre Manager
Robin Ross, Sales Assistant
John Ryan, Mechanic
Paul Sciberras, Parts Assisistant and Gofer
Peter Sleat, Mechanic
Peter Stevens, Parts Asst. then Manager
Harry (Steve) Stevenson, Workshop Foreman
Steve Smith, BMW Parts Department
Robin Tennant (Kiwi)
Phil Valace, Sales
Arthur Waite, Mechanic.
John Walker, Motorcycle Sales
Andy Wayman, Mechanic
Jim Whitehead, joined as Gofer in 1958
Bernard Wright, Mechanic
If you know of anyone whose name should
be on this list, please contact us.