Rod Carter
Page updated 15-May-2015

In April 2011 Rod got in touch.

I used to work there in the late 70's early 80's so was really pleased to see the site and some familiar faces too. I used to work with Pete Stevens, Sally and no 23 (can't remember his name ATM).

I owned probably the last Norton sold new out of the shop, a JPS coloured 850 Roadster, before I inevitably turned Japanese, so I still ended up giving my hard earned pennies back to the boss!

I was sad to read that Vince Snr died last year. My 3 year old son is called Vincent yes the boss left a big impression me!

In Feb 2015 he got in touch again:

I was watching a motoring program the other day and it had the Triumph TR7 as a golden oldie featured. It reminded me of the day when Pete Stevens had just had his TR7 returned from the paint shop and he parked it on the side, where the boss normally parked his BMW - he always grabbed the space when the boss was off playing golf. Anyway this time it was not the smart thing to do as a lamp post was being changed by the council that day and the crane operator dropped the lamp post right on top of Pete's newly painted TR7!

I can still clearly remember the driver coming in to ask who owned the blue sports car outside and Pete proudly saying it was his. Then, a split second later, he saw the expression on the drivers face and went running outside in panic. Pete never stopped telling every rep, customer and all of us in the shop the story at least three times.

He still kept parking it on the side when he got it back from the paint shop for a second time though.

It's quite strange to look back at the photos and realise it was 35 years ago when I worked at Gus Kuhn - the time has flown by.