Peter Stevens
Page updated 12-Jan-2011
Peter Stevens dealing with a customers enquiry at Gus Kuhn Motors
Peter has sent us these memories:

I joined the company in 1971 as a parts assistant. My first day was Monday 14 Feb. (I remember this because it was the day we converted to decimal currency).

A keen speedway fan, I was fascinated to meet Old time speedway legends like Jack Parker and Wal Phillips and others who popped in from time to time. I spent many a Sunday falling off of my bike at the Iwade speedway track until, one day I found myself on the track alongside the legendary Alf Hagon - he left me for dead! I sold the bike and went Karting instead!

Work wise, I progressed to parts manager on the retirement of George Brown. I left the company in 1982 after the demise of the Norton factory and subsequent re-structuring. I relocated to Somerset in 1984 where I now work as an architectural refinisher.

I remember my time at G.K. with great fondness, great people, great times.



Photos courtesy of Peter Stevens