Mick Barton
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

Taken in Gus Kuhn workshop circa 1966
1. Jimmy Crewe
2. Mick Barton
3. John Leggett
Mick was apprenticed to Gus Kuhns in 1963 when he was just 16 years old. He has found some old pictures of his time there.

I started work at Gus Kuhns as a mechanic from 1963 to 1968.   I left because I started to race sidecars and you needed to work Saturdays at Gus Kuhns.  I started passengering sidecars in 1967 and got my own sidecars in 1971.  I was European Champion in 1982 and raced at Grand Prix from 1982 to 1986 with a 2nd place at Le Mans in 1983. I would quite often catch up with Dave and Pete Sleat at the GPs.  Dave for Honda Racing and Peter worked for Broad Yamaha's with Dave Potter.   

I currently own and ride a 1962 Triumph TR6. I'm now retired but keep my hand in restoring the odd Pre Unit Triumph. While I was at Gus Kuhns I built myself a Norvin.  I recently built myself the ultimate Norvin with all the wish list bits I could never afford in the 1960's.   Click here to see pics of the Norvin and some other stuff I am up to nowadays.  

Mechanics group image taken outside Gus Kuhn workshop in 1963

1. John Leggett

2. Peter Sleat

3. Harry (Steve) Stevenson, workshop foreman

4. Dave Sleat

5. Mick Barton

6. Jimmy Crewe. He had 275 on his bike because he lived above the Gus Kuhn shop and the address was 275.

Update Nov 2009: Mick Barton's Norvin special was one of the stars in the bikes section at the Classic Motor Show. More >>>