Barry Germain
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

We have received this email from Barry Germain

BLIMEY !!!!!!! What a find.....a Gus Kuhn website.... I can hardly believe my eyes.

I worked at Gus Kuhn for 2 years, just when old George the salesman retired and Peter took over the Suzuki spares. I was the general gofer, driving the van, building bikes up from the crates up in the warehouse, cleaning all the bike stock in the showroom, etc.... I have such fond memories of those years and didn't realise just how great it was till I moved on.

Young Barry and his bike at Chelsea Bridge

I was sad when I saw Wheels International take over and then a 'housing trust' take over the building.

It's a fantastic site that you've put together. I had some idea about Gus Kuhn, as my granddad used to tell me about watching him at Crystal Palace as a young man. You've been real busy, covering so many years must have been difficult. The 60s and 70s looked such an exciting time for the shop.

As a young naive bike obsessed youth, it was a fantastic couple of years for me, working there.

Looking at the site, I definitely worked there after its heyday, but I would work there again, given the chance...any day, I remember the fantastic friendly family like atmosphere.......Happy Days : )

Barry (Bazza) Germain

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