Marcus Bloomfield
Page updated 12-Mar-2019

I worked at Gus Kuhn from around 1977 to 79 as an apprentice mechanic with Dave Goldsmith. Before that I was in the warehouse down the side road [Lingham Street] with Dave Sleat. He showed me how to rebuild the 99SS I had back then.

I remember Vincent Davey (to the tune of "In the Navy") telling me to collect washers from the floor, and the Professionals (Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw) in the BMW shop when I went over to get some service parts. Holding a tin of spray paint, "It should match" says Lewis. "Its what the Professionals use" says I. Not a glimmer, thanks for that!

Regretted not finishing my term as apprentice but had to earn more to pay the rent, so I became a dispatch rider.