Lewis Collins
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

Keith Janes remembers:

As a salesman for a few months in the late 1970s with Gus Kuhn, the one customer I remember best was the actor Lewis Collins. Fresh from his role as Gavin in 'The Cuckoo Waltz', he was now playing 'Bodie' in a new TV show called 'The Professionals' along with Martin Shaw (another GK customer) as his sidekick 'Doyle'.

Lewis and his girlfriend Marian appeared in the showroom one Saturday afternoon, spent some time wandering around the BMWs, talking to no-one in particular, before leaving with the absolute maximum discretion. On the Monday I took a phone call from Marian asking if she, on behalf of an un-named personality, could negotiate a discounted deal on a new bike in exchange for some publicity. I quickly guessed the personality in question, explained we didn't actually need the publicity but was happy to discuss discount if it would lead to a definite sale. She named a figure that was acceptable for the model they had in mind (a gold BMW R100RS) and a few days later she and Lewis returned to do the deal. There was a moment of slight drama when I asked Lewis for his name, explaining hurredly that I didn't know if Lewis was a stage name, and the deal was completed. While the paperwork was being processed, we got talking about acting and I explained I had myself tried professional acting several years earlier. This established a certain rapport and we became temporary friends. When they took the new bike on a touring holiday Lewis sent a postcard to the shop telling me what a great time they were having.