Reginald Gough
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

We were very pleased to hear from Tony Gough, who tells us that his father worked at Gus Kuhn Motors in the 30s, which makes him the earliest member of staff we know about.

Reginald outside the Gus Kuhn Workshop in the late 30s

My dad, Reginald Gough, worked for Gus Kuhn Motors before WW2, in the showrooms, I think, somewhere in the Clapham Road. I remember visiting his place in Clapham as a small boy and bringing away the many glossy magazines! I have an idea that my dad rode with Gus in his motorcycle racing days.

Reginald Gough at Fraser Nash in Isleworth

My dad was seconded to the Admiralty during the war and worked at the Fraser-Nash Factory in the London Road, Isleworth, lecturing on the internal combustion engine and training sailors in their maintenance. It would be good to have his name added to those who worked with Gus.

The picture above shows Reginald standing outside the Gus Kuhn workshop in Paradise Road around 1938/9 and on the right he is in the Fraser Nash workshop at Isleworth in about 1942.