Ken Atkins
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

I am Ken Atkins who worked with Pete Stevens in the parts dept for a while before I went into the construction industry and a little road racing.!

Stumbled across this site when buying a Gus Kuhn sticker on Ebay for my CBR 600RR track bike! (please forgive me) you don't see many Nortons at track days! Lord of Lydden is on this week-end will be thinking of Dave Potter.

I went into the construction industry so as to get Saturdays off to go road racing! Had a couple of good seasons, a sponsors was supposed to supply me with a bike for the next year except after I had sold my own bike, the new bike was rubbish and things did not improve, so at the end of the year I called it a day.

Have worked on many different construction contracts, but most recently been involved mainly in housing working for Berkeley Homes and now for a more local developer.

Ken at Brands Hatch

Had some moto cross and trials bikes for a while, but had to sell up for the deposit on our 1st house. That was over 30 years ago!

Just the other year (having not had bike since) found out about "Track Days" and had to see if the thrill was still there. It is! Don't get out very often, what with work and looking after the garden and chickens etc, but include some of pictures just to show there is life and spirit in us olden's!