Dave Houghton
Page updated 12-Jan-2011
Dave was a great BMW fan and had worked for the concessionaires at Brentford under their Service Manager, Alberto Criscuolo, before moving to GK. Previously, he was an engine fitter in the RAF. He talked about doing an oil change on Shackeltons - "you had to stand clear quickly as there was a lot descending from a great height". A bit more oil in one of those than a BMW!

He was a diminutive fellow, his feet scarcely reaching the ground when riding a BMW, but his skill and judgement, along with an excellent sense of balance, meant that he could complete a journey through London traffic without having to put a foot down.

In addition to his many other talents, Dave was an artist. Here is one of his drawings of John Cowie on the Gus Kuhn BMW. [Courtesy of Mike Edwards]


We've been contacted by Dave Houghton Junior.

My Father used to work for Gus Kuhn's in the late 70's early 80's

He enjoyed working for you guys repairing the bikes he loved. Bikes were his "life eat sleep bikes"

He preferred BMW bikes. At the time he had an R80S which he fine tuned with over sized carbs, after market exhaust system & gas flowed head. He also had a Yamaha XT500. My old man could out-ride a lot of people on bigger cc machines on that old XT Yamaha.

He would often come home for the weekend to Somerleyton. I was only 10 years old then and was living with my nan.

When dad left Gus's he came to work for Lings Honda out of Norfolk. Dad moved back to his beloved BMW's when a dealership opened up near Norwich in Poringland. He was head mechanic there. He got a ride of the R80S and brought a new K75C,three cylinders of fun. This was dads last bike. He moved from that dealership when he was laid-off because they had gone bust.

Then he got a new job working for BMW in the new dealership called Lind of Norwich. That was the last bike mechanics job he had.

Dad used to do the Manx TT and scrutineer the bikes on the racing fortnight, also the local circuits making sure the boys that raced where safe. He was always fair with the boys.

When he was not working for companies like Gus's & BMW Motorrad, in his time off he would be at the racing circuits. Holidays were wrapped around racing.

I am a keen motorcyclist thanks to my dad & his mates. I have had loads of bikes but I love the BMWs just like my father.

Sadly I lost my father on Febuary 21 2006. I really miss him, he was a great father & friend.

Its nice to see the web site and the history of Gus Kuhns with all the people involved with the business to make it what it was.

Regards Dave Houghton jnr.