Wilson Fallows
Page updated 16-Apr-2011

Hi, Found your site when browsing the 'net' taking a trip down 'memory lane'.

I'm 66 now, but when I was 16 I lived in Angel Road, Brixton (now no longer there). When I was just 16 I bought a Tiger Cub from Fishers of Acton. It was £25 and riding it back it broke down so I had to push it several miles home. After passing my test I bought a BSA Gold Star from Pride and Clarke for £179 10s 0d, (I still have the original HP Agreement!!). I had an accident on it when a car turned right on me on my way back from my 'second home' Chelsea Bridge. The front end was badly damaged and required new forks, front wheel, tank, etc. It was repaired at Gus Kuhn's. I remember the total bill was about £50, including the labour charge of £10 !!!

Those were wonderful, happy, innocent days. You could go out at any time of night and feel safe - and drugs? What were they?

I moved from London to North Wales when I was 17, where I still have my house, although it is for sale as I reside for most of the year in Thailand.

I sold my Goldstar many years ago, (oh if we had known what they would be worth now) but have always had a bike and kept up my love of bikes and motorcycling. I was an original member of the 59 Club, my club number being 101, and have always retained my love of bikes. I have attached a pic of me and my ZZR1100, taken last summer on one of my trips home.

Along with Pride & Clarke's, Gus Kuhn's was one of our regular places to visit on a Saturday. Your web site has brought back many happy memories.

Best wishes, Wilson Fallows  [April 2011]