Ray Heimbecker

Page updated 11-Dec-2021

Thought I would send an old picture or two of my Gus Kuhn production racer, built for me on order, then shipped to Canada, Air Freight in 1973.

Based on the Combat 750 motor, it had the Rod Quaife close ratio 5 speed gearbox, Amal 932 carbs with velocity stacks, I think some porting work and SSS racing camshaft. At that time, Norvil disc brake was not available so Dunstall twin disc up front. Boriani rims, Norton PR head  steady kit, Dual rate Girling rear shocks. Dunlop TT 100 tires of course, with a small 3.60 on the front !

In this first picture, it had the Gus Kuhn fairing and rear seat when I raced it, but lower Dunstall tank. Alternator removed so engine would rev up faster, total loss electrics off the battery. Speedo and light removed. Straight pipes with megaphones.
Then when converted back to the road, Dunstall fairing and tank, Dunstall two into one exhaust.

Note the original Gus Kuhn single rear seat, and rear set foot pegs. Extended kick starter for the high compression motor. This was removed when racing.

A beautiful machine ! Sadly, living in a busy city, I sold the bike in the early 1980s' Just wasn't riding it.

Now, living in the country would like to have it again.