Dolphin fairing query
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

I had a Dolphin fairing fitted by Gus Kuhn motorcycles just south of the tube station near Pride and Clarke Motorcycles, South London . It was back in 1963.

I was wondering if anyone knew of that particular type of fairing and whether you have any idea of where I could obtain one or a replica one. As I remember it, it was called a Racing Dolphin Fairing maybe manufactured by Avon?

I had it fitted to a James Sports Captain, which had an AMC 199cc engine fitted. She was a very pretty machine but I can distinctly remember the mechanics saying:- "It doesn't matter how much gold paint you put on it, its still a James." The guys had a bit of a job fitting it I remember, but I dropped them a fiver for their efforts when I collected it. The screen was very race-like with large curves both round from left to right and from its fixings upwards and back towards the rider.

It would mean a lot to me if you could throw some light on it for me, or whether there is somewhere one could be sourced or made?

Kind  regards, John. (Eric Lampard)