Walter Maisey
Page updated 07-Jun-2020

Hello, my name is Walter Maisey, and I have just come across your website after going back in my memories. I lived at 42 Handforth Street near the Oval Kennington. I was 23 years old when I visited Gus's showroom. I came away with a brand-new 1959 BSA A7. I believe it cost me £321 and I paid for it on the never-never. I would like you to add my name as a very satisfied customer

Shortly after purchasing, myself and wife took a riding holiday to Cornwall, camping on the way. We travelled through Somerset and wound up at the bottom of Porlock Hill. We started moving up from the bottom and soon got right behind a small car that stalled and we had to stop. We backed down a bit and tried to pull away but with all the weight of the wife and camping gear the clutch kept slipping. Eventually a driver behind got out and gave us a push and we reached the top. It was pretty hairy going round the hairpin bends though.

See the picture us at the top of Porlock Hill