Peter Sheppard
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

I was very pleased to see your comprehensive and interesting website celebrating Gus Kuhn and Gus Kuhn Motors.

When I lived off Clapham Common in the 1960s I used to go by motorbike to visit the shop at Clapham Road as part of regular Saturday afternoon trip that also took in other motorbike dealers, such as Pride and Clarke in Stockwell, Elite Motors in Tooting and Owen Brothers in Clapham Junction. My brother and I enjoyed gazing at the machines on display in these shops and I particularly remember looking in awe at a line of MV Augustas at Gus Kuhn's, with red suede single saddles rather than the traditional black vinyl. I had engine work carried out at Gus Kuhn's for my 1953 350 AJS which needed a new big end.

In 1981 I impulsively bought at auction a 1973 750 Gus Kuhn Commando which I stripped down in 1983 for a rebuild which, I regret, I never completed. I have now arranged for a complete, professional restoration and I hope to get the bike back on the road before Summer.

Best wishes, Peter Sheppard [11 Jan 2010]