Tim Campbell
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

My name is Tim Campbell and just came across the site for Gus Kuhn.

I was a US serviceman in the Air Force stationed at RAF Welford near Newbury and I bought a 1977 Norton 850 MkIII Roadster in the John Player Norton colors.

I remember waiting to talk to the salesman concerning the purchase and while I was waiting an individual was talking on the telephone to his insurance agent about insurance for a Suzuki GS750 I think it was. The salesman was very patient with the gentleman.

When it was my turn I said exactly what I wanted and the salesman was pleased to have someone who knew precisely what they were after.

My experience at Gus Kuhns was very satisfying. I sent the Roadster to the States upon leaving the UK and alas had to sell it due to military assignments preventing me taking it with each posting. If Gus Kuhns were still selling Nortons today, I would not hesitate in buying another.

Tim Campbell, a very satisfied Norton fan from Elmendorf, Texas, USA.