Tony Simpson
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

This is the last bike Gus Kuhn sold.

It was purchased by Tony Simpson and the K100LT (F124 RUU) is still going strong. After twenty years and 196,500 miles it is still with its original owner.

Tony Simpson's 1989 BMW  K100LT
Photo kindly supplied by Tony Simpson.

Other than consumables, the only major expenditure has been both handlebar switches, one bevel box bearing and one rear disc. It is still on the original engine, clutch, gearbox and front discs. Paintwork is still in good condition and it cleans up better than a bike half of its age.

It has progressive front springs, fork brace, additional driving lights and a Mottad silencer.

The bike has toured most of the UK and Ireland (many times) plus seven trips to Isle of Man but only once to mainland Europe.[Thanks to Mike Edwards and Tony Simpson for this information]