Patrick Wills
Page updated 12-Mar-2019

I was a customer of the Gus Kuhn shop in the mid 1970s and I remember Mr Vincent Davey being very helpful when I was rebuilding a crashed Norton Commando.

I'd go to the shop every few weeks when I had saved up some money and buy a few more bits to rebuild the bike. I think Mr Davey was used to seeing me every few weeks and, realising I had little cash at the time, he offered to sell me a new Commando production race frame for just £50! It was a massive help and I got the bike on the road much sooner than expected. An extremely generous gesture by Mr Davey and I've never forgotten it.

Great to see the Gus Kuhn history, and regards to the Davey family.

By the way, I went to school with Kevin O'Rourke who worked at the shop in the '70s. I contacted him about the Gus Kuhn website and he came up with the some memories: Click here