Kevin Anderson
Page updated 14-May-2015

Dear Sir, I read all about Gus Kuhn Motors with interest about Charlie Sanby.

I lived in Welham Green. My house backed on to Charlie's workshop and as a young boy was intrigued by the noise coming from the tuning of motorbikes. I had to go and see who was making all this noise, to be greeted by Charlie.

Being a young boy of 7 I remember him saying warmly “Hello, where have you come from? Do you like motorbikes?” I replied “Yes!!” He lifted me up, placing me on a race bike. We became friends and I would go round whenever I herd him revving the bikes. He always had time for me and would tell me he was going away racing. I would wait and ask him when he returned how he got on and what bike he took. I remember him loading his bikes onto his Thames van.

I would go into his father's cycle shop at the front of the workshop and ask his dad “Where is Charlie? Is he racing? When will he be back?”

Charlie would chat to me for hours, even though he was busy. I would ask him millions of questions – why, when, how etc. He would just talk to me giving me time even though I was just 7 years old.

I remember Charlie proudly as a kind man who always had time for me and I was proud to tell my brothers and friends that I knew Charlie and that he was my friend.

Such fond memories. Kevin Anderson