Peter Clifford
Page updated 12-Mar-2019

Thanks for creating such a fabulous website. I grew up watching Gus Kuhn riders battle it out at Bemsee meetings including the Hutch.  My dad, Les Clifford, was a track commentator for Bemsee and I went to my first meeting when I was six weeks old.   I think it was the Hutch at Silverstone. That was the first of many and eventually I was helping my dad commentate until I started racing myself.

I still enjoy a career in racing but certainly never forget watching Mick Andrew and the string of other riders on the green bikes. The great battles with the Boyers of Bromley Triumphs.  Vince Davey was a hero of mine as I grew up.  I must say that I didn't know that he was a friend of Stan Shenton until I just read it on your website.

I appreciate the enormous effort that has gone into this site, simply wonderful.

Best regards, Peter