Page updated 26-Dec-2010
Steve Elston's Gus Kuhn Seeley
Ray Pickrell sitting on Steve's Gus Kuhn Seeley in 1999

The attached photograph was taken at Mallory Park Post TT meeting in 1999 at the Seeley tribute. The guy on the bike is the late great Ray Pickrell. Steve tells us that he bought the Seeley in Ireland many years ago and it was said to be Dave Potter's 1973/74 race bike. These clues enabled us to track down it's second owner, Keith Janes. He responded:

It's just possible you've made my day. I believe the Kuhn Seeley you have may be the one that I raced in 1975.

I got the last and best of the Kuhn Seeleys from the shop - I was already riding the ex-Dave Potter Mellano Trophy winning production racer and had borrowed a Seeley from Kuhns for a one-off race at Brands Hatch. That ride convinced me I needed a Seeley of my own and I bought their number one bike.

I sold it (big mistake) at the end of the season to someone in Ireland and of course lost track of it from there.

Keith Janes on his Gus Kuhn Seeley in 1975

When I had her, she had a black and white Kuhn paint-job, high level pipe on the left with a low level one on the right. She had a Honda front brake master cylinder mounted inboard of the fork leg and I added a Magura dog-leg clutch lever to match. I also changed the twin coils (which were always a problem) to a single Honda twin-lead job. She had the option of having an oil cooler fitted under the nose.

Assuming I am right then I am so glad she is still in good running order as that was easily the best bike I've ever ridden - almost impossible to crash as the handling was just so predictable - you could drift both wheels at Paddock for instance with total confidence. I attach a picture of myself on the bike.