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Xavier Gayet

In Nov 2007 we received following email from Xavier Gayet in France:

Xavier Gayet's Gus Kuhn Commando

Now I am the lucky and proud French owner of a splendid Gus Kuhn Commando! The tank has been changed. The previous one was an alloy made model but destroyed because inflated with air!!!!!

I think that the most important GUS KUHN's improvements are

  • the oil tank
  • the rear set foot controls
  • the cylinder head isolastic support (this is a 850 model)
  • the exhaust pipes seem to be special because close by the carters of the engine

Unfortunately, because of hydraulic leaks, the previous owner has changed the Dunstall twin disks fork with .a Yamaha one!!!!! Damned! My God!

I don't know exactly what is inside this engine. The character of this bike is very strong!

I am looking for swan neck clip-on handlebars to replace the present ones.

Xavier on his friend's Norton Commando in 1975.
Here is a picture of me on my friend's Roadster Commando! This picture has been shot in 1975! My passion with Norton is very long.

I have also a 750 Atlas Norton and a 900 Sprint Triumph!

Excuse me for my poor English!

  The lovely Gayet family.
This is the lovely Gayet family: son, wife, daughter, two Nortons and a Triumph.



I went to London with my first Norton (Commando Fastback) and made a visit to the GUS KUHN shops in Clapham Road. There were the Norton and BMW shop signs.

The NORTON shop was looking like the "caverne d'Ali Baba" ! With JPN fairings hung on the walls and all what one can dream for tuning its Norton!!! THE PARADISE !