Page updated 26-Dec-2010
Mark Hawkins
I just love what you have done with the website. The information is priceless and may have been lost forever if you had not made it.

I bought my first Norton 750 Commando when I was 18 way back in 1975 and I still have it. Gus Kuhn has always been part of our conversation and lust for the bits.

I have sent a photo of a Norton racing bike I bought from Norton Australia in the late 1970s just after they closed their Sydney shop. I can't believe I sold it! I have not seen another one with the full fairing.

Does anyone know anything about the origin of the fibreglass equipment or any other history of this machine? Please contact us and we will pass the information on.

Update August 2009: Joe Seifert of Norton Motors Group says this seems to be a Norton AMA racer: click here for more info.