Willem Hemelop
Page updated 12-Mar-2019

Willem Hemelop from the Netherlands got in touch with his memories of Gus Kuhn Motors.

Dave Potter in Leathers, his father with his back to the camera and Dave Sleat in the overalls.

Some time ago I found your site, searching for some information about Norton and it brought up some good memories. Now, sorting out and digitizing my diaslides, I also have some pictures, I would like to share on your site.

This is my story:

In the '70s of the previous century I was an occasional customer.

The first time was in 1973 when I was with some friends at the Race of the South at Brands Hatch. It was also my first visit of England riding a motorcycle.

I needed a pair of silencers for my Commando, but was a little reluctant to go into London on my bike, not accustomed to left hand traffic and in such a big city as well.

Fortunately, we found the Gus Kuhn Race Team in the paddock. After some talking I was able to coax the manager to get me a pair of silencers from the shop and bring them over the next day, being Sunday.

From then on I was in the shop several times when visiting England for the races or passing through on holidays.

One occasion I vividly remember. I was with my sister as passenger and it was in the autumn, late in the day and already dark. When we entered the shop it was also dark inside, despite a few candles burning and people with flashlights. As I understood from the shop assistant there was some kind of dispute going on and because of that the electric power was switched off for an hour or so every day. So it was a bit like Christmas shopping.

The last time was in 1979 with my brother in law. After damaging my bike in an accident I needed quite a lot of spares, including a new chassis.

Gus Kuhn was able to supply most of the parts, necessary. The rest I could get at Andover Norton on our way to Bristol, where we visited the Bristol Compressor Factory.

The pictures are from my first and last experience with GK.