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Phase One Endurance

Sept 2009: Through coincidence I found your website, and what a great site it is, especially for us endurance freaks. It is very exciting to go back into the past to piece together all the bits of history that make the picture complete.

We have taken part in the Classic Bol d'Or in 2007 and 2008, at Magny Cours with a Peckett & McNabb Kawasaki, and managed to buy another one earlier this year.

The last one is the one that was raced by Bernie Toleman and John Cowie (see attached picture, probably completely different from when they raced it..).

The team are now working on getting that one back on track again as well and have made a deal with Stephane Mertens to ride it in the next Classic Bol (April 2010).

I know we have a dumptin that belonged to Gus Kuhn and we have used that successfully at both races.

The classic scene seems to pick up nicely as classic endurance races are on the increase. Our plan is to do more as well, probably Spa next year. There is even one at Phillip Island at the end of January.... It would need quite a bit of money to get that one organised, but one can dream.

It would be great for us of course if one day we can get John and Bernie and the P&M together.

This year's Bol ended in disaster for us, engine failure stopped us in the 6th hour.

Regards, Lida van Ham
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