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Hans Taylor

July 2009: Hans tells us he was at the Norton weekend at Donington in June.

I was there on Fri and Sat and took the 750 out on the track twice and also an 850 Interpol which managed to lose a silencer half way round! But riding the GK was a magical experience and with no baffles it sounded great, even though I had to take it easy as I only finished building it two days before.

These are some pics of my bike, in the raw, at Donington and actually on the circuit. In the background there is another green one with Dave Potters name on it! I don't know who the guys are but they seemed to know what they were doing!!

Feb 2008: Hi, I was put onto your website after putting a plea on the Norton Owners site, and what a fab site it is.

I actually now have two GK Nortons. The first one I bought back in 1980 from SGT, but it was originally an 850 III GK one from '77, and it still bears the GK reg plate. Its now back to standard after going through the usual customising fad.

The second one has recently come into my ownership and I attach two pictures. It no longer has the fairing as the previous owner binned it. I believe the tank and seat are GK, but not sure about the fairing, it seems to have been chopped off. There are also moulded alloy rearset footrests with Gus Kuhn Commando embossed on them, but they are incomplete and are not fitted in the photos. I am part way through restoring it, and would appreciate any advice on the origins of it and replacement parts.

Thanks again Hans E.Taylor.

Thanks for getting in contact. The tank and seat look original, though the racing plate on the seat has been chopped in half! The fairing too has been 'modified', but may well have been original.