Simon Wootton-Davies
Page updated 28-Dec-2020

Simon got in touch to tell us about his Commando S type.
It was originally sold by Gus Kuhn Motors in Feb 1970 to a Mr Johnson, who paid £575 4s 3d for it.

I bought the bike from my neighbour, who was using it to prop up his work bench for many, many years. One day I was walking past his house and he knew I had an 850 mk3 already, so he called me over and said “Guess you can't guess what I used to make the legs of my workbench” so I peered into this pile of wood off cuts and you could see a headlight poking out. I made him promise to put me 1st on the list if he ever sold it. A few years late, there it was in my grip…..

His brother bought the bike second hand from Pride and Clarke in 1972 and then gave it to my neighbour who used it for work until he moved in the ‘80s.