Gus Kuhn Norton Commandos

From top to bottom:

  • Norton Villiers Production Racer

  • Gus Kuhn Production Racer

  • 1971 customised Gus Kuhn Commando

  • 750cc Kuhn Norton Racer

  • 1971 Gus Kuhn Commando

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Gus Kuhn's custom Commandos were built to the buyer's specification. This particular 1969 model has glass-fibre tank, seat and GT fairing; chromed oil tank and battery cover; alloy wheel rims; rear-set footrests and alloy top fork yoke.

Gus Kuhn Norton Super Sports

  • 5 Gallon fibreglass TT petrol tank
  • Glassfibre racing dualseat
  • Manx alloy front guard
  • Special drop bars
  • Chromed lifting handles
  • Hydraulic front disc brake
  • Rear set footrests, gearchange assembly
  • Alloy wheel rims.

Gus Kuhn Norton Sports

  • 4 Gallon fibreglass petrol tank
  • Glassfibre racing dualseat
  • Manx Alloy front guard
  • Special drop bars
  • Chromed lifting handles
  • Rear set footrests, gearchange assembly
  • GK megaphone silencers

The above machines were available in either: Fireflake Green, Fireflake Red, Fireflake Blue, Canary Yellow or Grenadier Red. Each engine could be supplied tuned to the customers' requirements.

In 1974 Gus Kuhn announced their latest special, a much-modified Norton 850 Mark 2A Interstate. Alterations include: John Player Norton tank and seat, rear set footrests kit, clip-on handlebars and headlamp brackets, alloy wheel rims, front and rear, John Player Norton style fairing with twin headlamps, engine sprint conversion. The complete machines are tuned and road-tested prior to delivery. Rrp is £969 incl. VAT. This particular Gus Kuhn Norton is only one type of conversion available. New Nortons could be supplied to order in virtually any state of tune and any combination of customizing parts and accessories.

The 1975 850cc Gus Kuhn 'Barcelona' Norton.

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