Press Release 26th June 1969

Just nine months ago Vincent Davey, managing director of the old-established Gus Kuhn Motors in Stockwell made a brave decision. He relinquished a lucrative Rootes agency and decided to concentrate in the future of motorcycles - always an important part of the business.

The impressive corner-site showrooms in Clapham Road were devoted entirely to three British marques - BSA, Norton and Triumph. And at the same time Davey announced an ambitious racing programme and a unique 'customising' service for the revolutionary Norton Commando, designed to give the customer exactly the specification he requires.

In the case of Gus Kuhn, the specialisation has paid off in a big way. This month's Isle of Man TT races saw the culmination of a very successful racing season, and the firm had a third place in the Senior race by Tom Dickie on a Kuhn Seeley machine at a staggering average speed of 97.92 mph; fourth and nineteenth places in the 350 cc Junior race and a fourth place in the production machine race on a Kuhn Commando. They secured no fewer than four coveted Silver Replicas, a cup for the most successful dealer entrant and the Joe Craig Trophy for Tom Dickie as the most successful English rider on aggregate.

But in another way, too, the racing successes and publicity over the last few months have produced a remarkable business fillip for Gus Kuhn. Their specially modified Commando machines have generated enormous interest both at home and abroad, and the result has been a big response for export. Already, in only six months, Gus Kuhn have exported no less than £20,000-worth of machinery, new, second-hand and personal export, to the USA, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

They now have the largest range of specialist equipment for the Norton Commando and sales are being made throughout the country and abroad. Established for 40 years, Gus Kuhn have previously been essentially local dealers; now specialisation has meant that they are trading on an international level and bringing into this country an ever increasing flow of foreign currency.

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