Press Release December 1970
Page updated 06-Jan-2011


We are pleased to confirm that Shell will again be supporting our racing team during the coming year. Our plans for the next season will be as follows.

We will contest the 500cc British Championship, the Shell Production Championship, the 500 Mile Race, Isle of Man TT 500cc and Production classes, Bol D'Or, Barcelona 24 Hour Race and all International meetings in the UK where possible. We are retaining both our Commandos for the endurance events.

The production bike used by Charlie Sanby last year is now for sale and a new machine will be built for him as soon as details of specifications allowable in production events next year are finalized by Norton Villiers and the ACU.

We are building a new 500cc machine at the moment using a Seeley Mark III frame and a Norton 500cc engine of 69x68 bore and stroke, a one piece crankshaft and standard Norton components wherever possible. We are, however, retaining our 500cc Seeley as used last year and this will be ridden by Charlie Sanby until the 500cc twin can go at least as well as the Seeley.

We are also building two new 750cc short circuit racers with Seeley frames and modified Norton Commando engines. The frames will be slightly different to those used last year. They will have a Norton disc brake on the front and other modifications which will be tried during the winter by Charlie, who will be using last year's 750cc racer to compare with the new models. Once we are satisfied with the new models we will dispose of the old one.

Our rider for all the meetings will be Charlie Sanby. However, I will offer a 750cc racer to Pat Mahoney on occasions and he will be offered rides in the endurance events. I should also like to offer a 750cc racer to any bright young rider who shows up well in the early meetings, but this will only be arranged where it does not interfere with the preparation of Sanby's machines. The rider for the Shell Production Championship will be decided in January.