Press Release 1 December 1971


Europe 's biggest Norton Centre was opened on December 1st by Norton Villiers' managing director, Mr Dennis Poore.

Many executives from the motorcycle trade were present, in addition to several famous riders who have achieved successes on Gus Kuhn Nortons.

On show were three 1972 Gus Kuhn Norton models, the Tourer, Street Racer and Super Sports, together with the 1971 Shell Production Championship winner and the complete range of new Norton Commandos.

Gus Kuhn Managing Director, Vincent Davey, said that the substantial upsurge in 'Superbike' sales had justified opening this new 100% Norton Centre as an entirely separate organisation. Between 50 and 100 new Nortons are always kept in stock so that it is almost always possible to offer any model in any colour for immediate delivery, including the specially modified and tuned Gus Kuhn models.

The new centre will give Norton owners an even better sales, service and spares organisation, for example: every single Norton Commando spare part is held in stock - probably no other organisation can say that, no matter what they are selling. In short, if it's anything Norton in Europe, then it must be the Gus Kuhn Norton Centre.

Vincent Davey with Dennis Poore.





Photos from the Gus Kuhn Archive.

L to R: Vincent Davey, Dave Potter, Pat Mahoney and Jim Boughen who tunes the Gus Kuhn racing Norton engines.

Barry Sheene and Vincent Davey