Press Release 14 December 1971


Britain's only 100% BMW motorcycle sales and service centre was opened today, Wednesday 15th December. Mr. Vincent Davey, Managing Director of Gus Kuhn Motors Ltd. said that a substantial investment of this sort would have been unthinkable two years ago. It reflects the considerable upsurge in the sale of 'superbikes' (motorcycle of 750cc and over) that justifies opening this new BMW Centre, considering that BMW 'superbikes' cost more than £1,000 each.

Gus Kuhn Motors are a motorcycle-only organisation now, and sales during 1971 are the highest in any year since the Company was founded in 1930. Although they have only been selling BMW machines for one full season, they are already in number one position in Great Britain and confidently expect a record turnover in 1972, over £100,000 in the case of BMW and substantially more in the case of less expensive motorcycle.

Although home sales have always been the mainstay of the Company, a major proportion of the big increase is attributed to Personal Export sales, largely to Americans but also a growing number of Europeans. In view of the Common Market this trend is expected to enlarge steadily.