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Page updated 26-Dec-2010
BSA Bantam PGY 668E

Gerald Hatcher of Rochester in Kent would like to know about his BSA Bantam.
If anyone can help, please get in touch.

My daughter and I are in the throws of a (rather long term it would seem) restoration project on a 1967 BSA D10 Bantam. Purchased from a neighbour (who pretty much rescued it from a skip) the Bantam came with no documentation.

The frame and engine numbers (D103388) match, and the rear number plate (PGY 668E) was also present.

Pop riveted to the top of the rear number plate mounting there was also a dealers information plate: Gus Kuhn Motors Ltd, 275 Clapham Road, Brixton SW9

In an attempt to retain the original registration number, I contacted the BSA owners club. The long and the short of it is that the GLC vehicle registration records for that period are 'presumed destroyed', so the owners club left me with very little hope, and the DVLA even less.

Can YOU help?