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Page updated 26-Dec-2010
Can you identify anyone in this picture?

We believe this picture was taken during a Motorcycle Trial in the 1920s as the vehicles all have competition numbers. Gus is standing in front of the sidecar by the porch to the house and we guess that the child is one of his daughters.

We should be very grateful for whatever information you can provide, as any clue could help us to unravel the mystery. Click here to contact us.

Can you identify any of the riders or their machines?

Do you know the event?

Where is/was the pub?
Thanks to Chris Grimmett of the Norton Owners Club and the Croydon Local Studies Library and Archives Service, we have estabilshed that the pub was in Carshalton High Street. Also, thanks to Jim Duffy for confirming that it is still there.

When was the picture taken?
We have made some progress here. The child in the sidecar appears to be Gus' eldest, who was born in 1921. As she looks about 3-4yrs old, that places the date about 1924/5.