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Gary Hillier's Gus Kuhn Suzuki
Goldsmith, Davey & Sleat with the GK Suzuki in 1979.
We have been contacted by Gary Hillier, who has acquired the Sprayson framed Suzuki that Gus Kuhn built in 1979. He is keeping us up to date with it's progress.

Does anyone have any further information about it's history, both when it was with Gus Kuhn and after it was sold by them in about 1980? Contact us.

April 2009: Enclosed is a photo of Gus Kuhn Suzuki with new faring and paint scheme as original was painted. The fairing is the nearest I can find at the moment. Just to update, the Bike had a shake-down at Brands on 23 March, but it had a misfire, sods law, as it was fine until I got there but I still got some laps in to test the fairing and new front wheel.

I have just come back from Magny Cours in France where I did some parade sessions at Classic BoI D'or. Bike was not running very well until I found inlet carb clamps loose. All was going fine until the last session when engine developed a horrible noise so I have now got to fit another engine for Classic bike Bum Up at Cadwetl on 23 May, Spa Francorchamps Bikers Classic 19-21 June and maybe a trip to Sammy Miller museum again.

I will strip down original engine to trace noise but to also check and rebuild with new cam chains etc so it should be like new again. Hopefully it should be ready, time permitting, for Festival 1000 Bikes at Mallory July 11 & 12.

I had a chat with Bemie Toleman at Brands whilst he was there with his race team Jentin/Lloyds testing. I still cannot trace Dave Sleat, Andy Goldsmith or Stuart Hodgeson but I will keep trying.

It is good to see you are having lots of interest in the website. I will keep you informed on any future developments.

Gary Hillier, 23 April 2009

July 2008: Thought I would let you know about my exploits on my Gus Kuhn Suzuki. I finally got the bike ready to ride and was entered for the Brooklands 100 year centenary event on 20 May 2008. My first ride on the bike was out of the paddock area and up test hill. After two rides up the hill (which it did with ease) we went onto the Mercedes test track which was a good shake down.

6 May 2008 - the bike was tested on the Grand Prix circuit at Brands Hatch. The bike ran great but test was hampered by a faulty new front tyre.

1 June 2008 - next trip was to Cadwell Park for the Classic Bike magazine Burn-Up event which was on the mountain circuit. The drive up on the Saturday was glorious sunshine but on waking up it was chucking it down with rain. It was still a good day as it dried up later and bike ran well.

15 June 2008 - had an invite to show the bike at Sammy Miller's museum and was ridden around forecourt. A good day

Horst & Gary's GK Suzukis at Spa Francorchamps

Now for the big event - SPA FRANCORCHAMPS in Belgium in July 4, 5, 6. I've been looking forward to this. I went with some friends who had bikes. We rented a big formula one pit and our bikes were on display.

On the first night a German gentleman called Horst said he also had a Gus Kuhn Suzuki which he had brought to the event. After viewing I worked out this was the bike built first for the 1978 season, which confirms mine is the second bike built for 1979 season. It was great to see the bike as I had been told it was suspected it was written off. It has been upgraded and modified over the years and looks very impressive. It went well on the circuit.

Both the GK Suzukis reunited at Spa

Friday morning we are ready for a ride around this legendary track and it wasn't disappointing. I can see why it has its reputation - what a track!

Saturday and Sunday again the bike performed well and never let me down. I had a quick chat with Chas Mortimer.

Gary Hillier, 7 July 2008

March 2008: Gary tells us that the bike is almost ready to ride and he will be taking it to Spa Francorchamps on July 4-6 for the Classic Event, where he hopes to reunite it with Chas Mortimer.

This is how the bike looks now

Gary Hillier's ex-Gus Kuhn Suzuki.
Gary Hillier's ex-Gus Kuhn Suzuki.
Gary Hillier's ex-Gus Kuhn Suzuki.