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Page updated 26-Dec-2010
Claudius Hinzen's GK BMW R90S

Hello. I am a BMW Motorcycle spare parts dealer in Germany and I have a BMW R90S Gus Kuhn endurance racer from around 1974/5 - it's hard to say. So much time has gone and nearly nobody can tell me anything about the bike and several hobby tuner did the rest. I have the bike for years and first thought about to break it and since a while leave it for decoration or restore it. I need more information about this bike.

It came from UK to Germany, cause I'm buying since 15 years BMW Motorcycles in the UK. A client from whom I've bought 2 other cycles had it resting in his garage and I told him that I like to buy it. Two years later he called me, so I've bought it in 1995-6. From that time it was dry stored in the window of my shop.

The last owner which had several Honda CB750 racing bikes (original production racers) liked to restore it but never got the time. He had it about 8-9 years in his garage also dry stored. He bought it from a bloke who tried to put it on the road again but failed. How long this bloke had it no body knows.

Regards Claudius

If you know anything about the history of this BMW we should be very pleased to pass the information onto Claudius. Thank you. Contact.