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Page updated 26-Dec-2010
Tony Page

Hello: Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to help... In 1975, or perhaps '76, I read a story in (I thought) BIKE Magazine about two South Africans who bought then-new R90S BMWs from you and then rode home.

This is the high point of Tony's trip.

In the article was a photo of the two bikes by the pyramids. Iconic stuff. I vowed that 'some day' I too would do it.

Three years ago, I actually did; on my own R90S. via France, Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt - Giza Pyramids - Sinai, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Italy, France.

Upon getting home, I set about trying to find that original inspirational article. I contacted Hugo Wilson, now editor of Classic Bike but formerly editor of BIKE, who went through '75, '76, '77 and '78. No joy.

Do you, perchance, remember?

Help! Surely I couldn't have invented it? But, actually, that would have been suitably surreal...

Regards, Tony Page

Anyone know where the original article appeared,
or anything about this story?

Well Tony, that's one helluva story! I'll 'ask around' and maybe someone can throw some light on it.

I do remember seeing a picture of a GS by the pyramids, I think it was some BMW publicity material. Not strictly relevant, but it is a nice pic!

Update August 2009: Bertrand Clausse of Arcueil in France sent us this article from Moto Revue in 1975 about a BMW R90S and 850 Norton Commando travelling from Paris to Luxor. (Click Here)

He says: "The Norton was prepared by L' Atelier Souper which is still in existence. I was working at that moment with Jet's Motorcycles and I remember this bike which was in use daily in Paris. "