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Page updated 26-Dec-2010
Jamie Waters

In January 2008 Jamie Waters of New York contacted us:

Great site you've put together! I am garage mates with Jordan Levitt who suggested I contact you about a frame I have had for some time. It's a standard (and seemingly unused) Commando frame except that the rear frame loop has had the F750 modification where the end was cut off and repositioned vertically to support a single seat. Threaded bungs are also welded at the corner where the loop turns upward to hold a seat.

There is no VIN plate, only a very old "Gus Kuhn" sticker on the main backbone. It looks like an inventory tag. Do you have any idea what this might be? Maybe an over-the-counter proddie frame?

Thanks in advance, Jamie Waters

- o0o -

Your guess about it being a proddie frame seems to be right. This frame is probably one modified by Dave Sleat (the race mechanic). As well as shortening the back loop and inverting it, the shock absorber mounts at the top were lengthened to position the suspension unit under the rider in a more upright position. The shock unit length was then reduced from 12.9" to 11.9" and spring rating reduced from 126 lbs to approx 100 lbs (varies to rider's weight). At a guess Dave modified about six bikes and several frames for spares.


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