31st August 1970 at Crystal Palace
From South London local press

Riders sponsored by Clapham firm Gus Kuhn seemed to have a jinx on them as several fell off or pulled out when well placed.

An added attraction was a two-man, eight lap Team Challenge Race. Six teams took part race, including a Kuhn Shell team, represented by Charlie Sanby and Pat Mahoney both on 745 Kuhn Commandos. In the clutch-start event both members of a team had to finish in order to qualify for a position. Charlie Sanby came off at Ramp Bend leaving his bike 'tied in a knot'. Pat Mahoney was always amongst first four but it was Paul Smart and Ron Chandler, both riding 496 Seeley machines, who did the victory lap of honour.

The first event was a 10 lap race for Production Sports machines. Charlie Sanby, astride a 745 Gus Kuhn Commando, battled his way up among the leaders, past team mate Ron Wittich, on an identical machine, and forced Dave Nixon into third place. He finished nine seconds behind the leader, Ray Pickrell, riding a 745 Dunstall Norton. In the sixth lap he broke the first record of the afternoon by reaching a speed of 80.19 mph. The Gus Kuhn team finished second and third.

A third member of the Kuhn team proved in the next race - a six lap race for solos over 350 and not over 1,000cc - that they are a force to be reckoned with. Graham Sharp on a 750 Kuhn Seeley Norton, led all the way and leisurely rode home while a strong battle for second and third place raged behind him.

In event seven (500cc - 6 laps) Ron Chandler on a 500 Seeley dominated but for half of the race Martin Carney on a 500 Kawasaki and Pat Mahoney riding a 496 Kuhn Seeley were neck'n'neck battling for second place until Carney pulled away in the fifth lap. It was on the second lap Mahoney broke the lap record by reaching 81.50 mph.

For Charlie Sanby and Pat Mahoney, both on 348 Kuhn Seeleys, the ninth event was a particularly memorable occasion. It was the last time that members of the Gus Kuhn team contested in the 350cc class as in the future they will only be riding the more powerful machines.

The Battle of the giants took place in event 13 (1000cc - 12 lap) as Paul Smart and Pat Mahoney struggled for the key position. The whole field roared away and for the first couple of laps the leaders were all bunched with Mahoney forging the way. But Smart, always hot on his trail, managed to take the lead during the fifth lap. Meanwhile a duel was being fought over the third position by Charlie Sanby and Barry Ditchburn. In the ninth lap Sanby on a 745 Kuhn Commando was in third place. As the riders came into view for the eleventh lap, Smart was in the lead but Mahoney had disappeared. Sanby closed up to take second place with Ditchburn on a 700 Ditchburn Triumph taking third position. In this fantastic race Smart not only set a new lap record but also a new race record, while riding a 736cc three cylinder Triumph.

In the last event of the day a 10 lap race for Production Sports Machines another member of the Gus Kuhn team, Ron Wittich, took the honours but not before team mate Charlie Sanby was cruelly robbed of the chance. Until lap five Wittich led all the way with Sanby moving up from fifth to third to second place. At the fourth lap there was a quarter of a second difference between these two riders. For the next four laps Sanby led the way with Wittich struggling to regain his former position. And then the riders appeared for the ninth lap Sanby was missing and Wittich on a 745 Kuhn Commando was once again in the lead with Dave Nixon, riding a 750 Triumph, following.

However, a new race and lap record was set up by Sanby in this race. Riding a 745 Commando the fastest race time was 1 min 208 secs with a lap speed of 79.68 secs.