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March 4th Sunday at Mallory Park: Dave Potter won his heat for the 750cc British Championship race and was 4th in the final.

March 11th Sunday at Cadwell Park: Widespread fog delayed the start of racing by about an hour, but the action that followed was well worth the wait. In the second 750 heat Potter (Kuhn Norton) was left on the grid and started last. In the final Potter was fighting with Steve Ellis and Charlie Williams, both on 342 Yamahas, for 3rd. He eventually finished 5th. [Motor Cycle 17/3/1973]

24th March 1973: Mick Woollett's Race Gossip in Motor Cycle.

Although originally reported to have been kept in hospital for obversation, Vincent Davey jnr was more badly hurt at Snetterton last week that was thought at first and is likely to be in hospital for some time. But not at Norwich.

Last week he was flown down by helicopter to Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire, where, on Sunday, he celebrated his 19th birthday as best he could. Even so, he's in good spirits and determined to be racing again as soon as possible.

As reported, his father, Gus Kuhn chief Vincent Davey snr and mother were spectating just where he came to grief. And Mrs Davey has asked me to thank everyone who helped – the Newmarket Club, Snetterton management, ambulance men – and especially a gentleman who led her from the scene of the accident.

“He obviously realised I was in a state of shock, and I'm sorry to say I probably wouldn't even recognise him again, but I'll always remember the help he gave me. ” she says.


March 11th Sunday at Snetterton: John Cowie (750 Kuhn Norton) won the 175-1,000cc race. He also won the first 501-1,000cc race with Adrian Cooper 2nd on his Kuhn Norton. Adrian won the second race. (See left) [Motor Cycle 17/3/1973]

March 17th Saturday at Oulton Park: Dave Potter (Kuhn Norton) was 4th in the 750cc 10 lap final.

March 25th at Brands Hatch National (Short Circuit): Favourites to win the Rothman's Trophy race at Brands must be Gus Kuhn team-mates Dave Potter and Graham Sharpe. But they face a challenge from Kuhn-entered youngster Dave Miles.” [Motor Cycle 24/3/73] “Terry Gardner, 25 on Monday, celebrated his birthday a day early with 10 laps of breathtaking riding at Brands Hatch on Sunday to beat Gus Kuhn teamster Graham Sharp in the main event of the day, the Rothmans Trophy. And what a race it was! With no more than a machine's length between them throughout, these two chopped and changed at the head of the field and all but rode as each other's pillion passenger. John Cowie on his Kuhn Norton was involved in the titanic struggle for third place, eventually finishing 3rd. [Motor Cycle] A Cooper is first in a 1,000cc race on his 750 Kuhn Seeley.

April 1st at Rouen: Dave Potter and Graham Sharp entered on Gus Kuhn Nortons in Trophee 750 International. See Programme: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33240904@N03/4259855558/in/set-72157623109904834/ “Over 20,000 French enthusiasts packed the vantage points round the tricky 3.4 mile circuit for the two-leg race, which was open to virtually any machine over 500 and under 750cc. Each leg lasted an hour plus one lap.” In the first leg Dave Potter (Kuhn Norton) was dicing for the lead, but the outcome is unknown. He did not finish in the top six in either leg. [Motor Cycle]

April 8th Sunday at Snetterton : Dave Potter scooped the £100 first prize. The meeting featured a 20-lap production-machine event with a handicap start designed to give the average club rider a share of the gold. After the first riders had started…. Farther back was another chasing pack, headed by Potter, whose 750cc Kuhn Norton was being pushed along by the close attention of team-mate Tony Smith on a similar mount. Dave won the race and Tony was 3rd. The Formula 750 event was won by Darryl Pendlebury on a 750 Triumph and Victor Palomo was 6th the 750 Kuhn Norton. [Motor Cycle 14/4/73]

April 15th 200 Miglia di Imola. Dave Potter is riding as #22 on a Gus Kuhn Norton, he retained the number on his helmet afterwards. Won by Jarno Saarinen. See film of the event: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

April 20th Friday at Brands Hatch: Transatlantic Trophy races. In the first race “Cal Rayborn (Harley Davidson) shot ahead, pursued by Peter Williams (Norton) and Dave Potter (Kuhn Norton). Behind there were a series of disasters, mainly affecting the British Squad…… Then Rayborn came off at speed at the bottom of Paddock and Williams was in front. His joy lasted only two laps before he, too went sprawling as he accelerated out of Druids. Potter took over to win for Britain but, with Americans in the next five places, the result was a massive defeat for the home country.” Rayborn won the second race and Potter was 5th . “Peter Williams looked set to score in the first round of the Superbike contest as he passed Paul Smart (Suzuki on his first lap and gained ground. Then the monocoque Norton slowed and Smart, harried by Dave Potter (Kuhn Norton), was back in the lead. Potter actually got ahead on lap 10, but the pace proved too hot and he eventually retired in a cloud of smoke with a conrod poking through the crankcase.” The production race race was won by Peter Williams (750 Norton) with Tony Smith (750 Kuhn Norton) second and Dave Potter (750 Kuhn Norton) 4th. In the 1,000cc event Graham Sharp is 5th on a Kuhn Norton. [Motor Cycle 28/4/73] Dave Miles is entered by Gus Kuhn Motors in the National Race, outcome unknown.

April 22nd Sunday at Mallory Park: Potter is 5th in both Transatlantic Trophy races. BP/Ivy event Dave is 3rd in Heat, which is won by Sheene. Same result in final.

April 23rd Monday at Oulton Park: “Second highest scorer for Britain was Dave Potter. He rode the Gus Kuhn Norton racer with tremendous dash to total 59 points, even though his gearbox seized in the first race at Oulton.” Potter is 15th in first Transatlantic Trophy race and 12th in the second. In the 1,000cc final “Rutter took the lead, tailed by Redfern and Heath – all on Yamahas. But Sheene (500 Suzuki) and Dave Potter (750 Kuhn Norton) were closing. Sheene forced into the lead and pulled away to win but, though he got through to third place, Potter could not quite catch Rutter” [Motor Cycle 28/4/73]

April 29th at Snetterton, National: John Cowie raced on his 750 Gus Kuhn Norton. “Tony Rutter (350 Yamaha) had to work hard. John Cowie pushed him all the way, and actually forced the Norton's nose just ahead of the two-stroke on one occasion. However, despite pushing Rutter to a fastest lap, Cowie missed out by a few vital yards at the flag. No-one could catch the flying Cowie who won the two other 1,000cc races on the programme.” [Motor Cycle 5/5/73]

May 6th Sunday at Cadwell Park, International:

Photo © Garry Atkinson, Motor Cycle

May 27th Sunday at Mallory Park: National, Tony Smith and Graham Sharp are entered. Sharp won his 750 heat, with Smith 9th. In the final Smith is 4th and he won the production race.

May 28th Monday at Brands Hatch: King of Brands International, Potter and Sharp are entered. In Superbike race Potter is 6th and Sharp 10th. In Evening News 1000cc race Sharp is 8th.

June 10th Sunday at Mallory Park, Post TT Internat: In the MCN Superbike Championship race Dave Potter is 3rd, John Cowie 4th and Graham Sharp 13th. In the BP/Ivy 100cc Race Cowie is 7th in in his heat. Potter is 3rd in Heat and 3rd in Final.

July 1st Sunday at Scarborough: The 350-750cc Cock of the North race was won by Charlie Williams (350 Yamaha). Alan Stewart (750 PA Seeley) stayed right behind him to clinch second spot. Third was Tony Jefferies (350 Yamaha) who set about Dave Potter (750 Kuhn Norton) and swept past with two laps to go, while Paul Cott (350 Yamaha) came out of the blue to finish fourth ahead of Potter and Tony Rutter (350 Yamaha). Potter was 4th in the other 750 event. [Pete Kelly, Motor Cycle 7/7/1973]

Look - clean hands!! "Dave Sleat got bored," says Vincent. "He didn't have enough to do. That never happened when we raced Commandos!" Apart from rider change and petrol stops, there
was one wheel change!

"They were virtually production bikes," remembers Vincent, "with Motorsport camshafts, close ratio gearboxes and aerodynamic fairings.
The trouble was they had the wrong
sort of aerodynamics.
They tended to take off."

July 7th & 8th at Barcelona 24 Hour race: Clutch trouble in the last hour slowed the Gus Kuhn BMW – a factory prepared machine with prototype disc brake and five speed gear box – thwarting its fifth-place challenge. Yet Dave Potter (left) and Graham Sharp nursed it home to seventh, to the delight of Hans von de Marwitz, chief engineer of BMW's motorcycle division. John Cowie and John McKiernan finished 12th. Their Gus Kuhn Norton suffered ignition problems and finished the race with straight forward battery-powered ignition. (See pix L & R) [Mick Woollett in Motor Cycle 14/7/1973]

July 15th at Brands Hatch National (Short Circuit): Tony Smith wins one of the 1,000cc races on his 350 Kuhn Seeley and a Production race on his 750 Kuhn Commando.

August 5th Sunday at Brands Hatch: Hutchinson 100 on a streaming wet track, where the slightest error could cause disaster. In the 15 lap production race, Wayne Dinham finished 5th on his 750 Kuhn Norton, with Graham Sharpe (750 Kuhn Norton) 6th on 14 laps.

August 11-12th at Silverstone: JP International, Dave Potter, Graham Sharp & Tony Smith are entered, also Phil Haslam is riding his Kuhn Norton. In the Production race Smith is 4th and Sharp 6th. Potter is 18th in one leg of the F750 event. Other results unknown.

August 26th Sunday at Snetterton: Race of Aces international. Dave Potter is 9th in the 750 Championship race.

September 1st & 2nd Imola: 1,000 Miglia di Imola, for F750 machines run in two 500km legs (158 laps), one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Potter/Sharp on the BMW were lying about 9th in the first leg when the camshaft broke.

September 16th Sunday at Mallory Park International: Dave Potter is entered in the Race of the Year as well as the Superbike race along with Graham Sharp and Tony Smith.

Mick Woollett's Race Gossip, Motorcycle 29/9/1973

September 22nd & 23rd at Le Mans: The Bol d'Or (24 hour race) was run in pouring rain and Graham Sharp, suffering from shingles, was very slow. After four hours Dave Potter and Sharp were in 6th place on the BMW. During the long, cold night a single crash eliminated them. It happened when Potter slid off. Charlie Williams (partnering Percy Tait on a works engined Kawasaki) was close behind and went down as he tried to avoid the melee. Both bikes burst into flames after tangling in the centre of the circuit. “It was real chaos for a while”, said Williams. No one was hurt but both machines were badly damaged. The race was won by Debrock/Tchernine (960 Japauto), 2nd Renouf/Guili (903 Kawasaki ), 3rd Dahne/Green (900 BMW). [Mick Woollett, Motor Cycle 29/9/1973]

September 30th Thruxton 500 Mile race: At the end of the first hour John Cowie and John McKiernan (750 Kuhn Commando) were second to the Croxford/Tait works Norton. In the next hour they lost time with a broken exhaust, but were still second. By the third hour they were in the lead, but eventually finished 19th. The race was won by Rex Butcher and Norman White on the works 750 Norton.

October 27th Saturday at Brands Hatch: Final of the British 750 Championship - 5th John Cowie (750 Kuhn Norton), 6th Dave Potter (750 Kuhn Norton). Dave Croxford (750 John Player Norton) won the race and the championship.

October 28th Sunday at Brands Hatch: International. Final round of Superbike Championship. John Cowie is 10th on the Gus Kuhn Norton. Barry Sheene (750 Suzuki) won the race and the championship.