Jon Vincent
Page updated 12-Jan-2011

In 1971 Gus Kuhn provided Jon with a GK Commando for the Bemsee Production series, but had to pull out during the season due to having more work in the race shop than they could cope with. This was a pity as he had a very good start to the season, finishing 2nd in the first round at Snetterton.

In January 2009 we were contacted by Jon:

Hi, I was fascinated on finding your web site. I production raced for Gus Kuhn briefly in 1970/71. My usual racing machine was the Thruxton Bonneville type. I enclose a pic of, again my memory is not that clear now, but probably a club meeting at Brands Hatch. I remember going down to Thruxton with Charlie Sanby where I tried out the production racer and Charlie's open racing bike. I travelled in the back of the van!

Yours Sincerely, Jonathan (Jon) Vincent


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